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Guest Book
A facility for visitors to write down his/her impression and message after surfing at JaSuDa.Net web site.
Contact Us
SEAPlant.net office address, staff photos and about SiPlanet Foundation.
Photo Gallery Photos from JaSuDa.Net team and SiPlanet Foundation activities
Member Registration Free!!! Registration as a JaSuDa.Net member
Latest information about seaweed and success story from seaweed farmer and its development. Recent events in development of seaweed in Indonesia
Research and development information about seaweed done by JaSuDa. Net internal team and only a research result information.
Publication Publication files are able to be downloaded
Lists of factory, exporter, cooperation and farmer groups related to seaweed production
Price Information
Market price list information of seaweed in farmer level and exporter updated every two week
Harbour Data
Distribution data of seaweed shipping from each harbor in Indonesia. At this time data provided only from Makassar and Bali region.
The Tides
Mapping tide and tide table of East Indonesia region in 2007.
JaSuDa Terminal Mapping of JaSuDa.Net terminal and operator (Crop Logger) in East Indonesia.
Euchema Handbook
Product service is in the form of selling The Euchema Seaplant Handbook Volume 1 "Agronomics, Biology, and Crop Systems". The Euchema Seaplant Handbook is written by DR. Iain Charles Neish, one of world seaplant experts.
Sales E-Book
Product services in the the form of selling of Seaweed Business training material for small and medium enterprises (SME), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training material and low-cost monograph and it is very affordable.
These product services are in the form of GIS map, starting from seaweed development map, potential map for developing seaweed, seaweed distribution map and Administrative map district are also available. The offered price is affordable.
How to Shop Guide how to shop in JaSuDa.Net product services.
A site to confirm payment transfer result from JaSuDa.Net product services.
E-book Download
A site to download an e-book after the transaction was done from JaSuDa. Net product services.
Question and Answers
A service in form of free consultation. Visitors can interact with JaSuDa.Net team by asking questions that have relation with seaweed.
These services are in the form of consultation and/or package of  business seaweed training for small and medium enterprises (SME). Training package contain of 9 modules, include all about seaweed aspects, starting from seaweed and its use, choosing a location to culture seaweed, seaweed culture technique, post harvest treatment, seaweed business, business seaweed management and establish a steady joint venture.
Web Development
These services are in the form of web development and design. By having this web, many people will be easy to find the information about your company, what kind of products you offer, how people can contact you and many other benefits you can get. The package our offering to you is very cheap.  Starting from Rp. 500.000,- and you will have a website.
GIS Survey
This service is in the form of regional survey. The survey results were mixed the region potential information needed in the form of mapping.
These services provide an online advertising for your business, boost your sales, introduce new products or new programs, or strengthen your brand. Advertisement position will be placed on the Index page (main).
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